STUDIO ARCOBALENO’S long standing aspiration has been and continues to be, the goal of DIFFUSING ITALIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE throughout the U.S. and worldwide. To this aim, we provide professional development for language instructors by producing instructional material and organizing educational and cultural trips to Italy and Europe.
The team’s production of didactic material comes as a result of extensive research and planning over the years. Their dedication to finding better paths and methods in all levels of the education field has led to supporting teachers with hardcopy, as well as computer and technology based and internet material.

Through its publications, the team is involved in the following activities:

Editorial design • Editorial coordination • Text production • Text editing • Graphic design • Iconographic research • Illustration creation • Video creation • Multimedia design • Audio recording • Video shooting • Web design • Postproduction

The research team has its beginnings in 1984 and develops with the objective of testing and distributing teaching material and of publishing didactic material in the field of foreign language. The team welcomes and applies contributions of authors, teachers, translators and well known researchers in the field. The intense labor is shared with instructors in
numerous conferences and seminars through the 80 and 90’s decades in keeping with the goal of implementation of the most up to date methodology.

The company in 1998 assumes a strong presence in publishing and stays abreast of advances in technology. It continues to obtain assignments of school publications for Italy and abroad.

At this junction Studio Arcobaleno is asked to collaborate with the IARD Institute of Milano, in its research of problematic issues and resolutions for teaching of Italian language abroad.

During the years 2001 through 2007 the team is focused on the activity of professional development for Italian Language teachers in Venezuela, and publishing teaching materials and textbooks for English speaking countries.

The teaching materials, which adhere to the most up to date national objectives and methodology, are presented at a series of conferences in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Virginia. Simultaneously, the company creates an online service for students and teachers in the US, still currently active to date.

Throughout the years, SA extends its commitment to teaching of Italian language and culture with the addition of multimedia proposals: an interactive platform, hyperlinks, and technologically advanced programs created with the input of Italian language teachers encountered in over 350 conferences worldwide.
SA created and uses an advanced technological platform which carries various online support for teachers and students. To create interest and motivation to study Italian language, SA further offers educational study trips to Italy created to the specific requirements and needs of Italian language teachers.

From 2007 to date, editorial projects increase and advanced online courses are created. The courses give particular emphasis to the cultural aspect of the language: cinema, art, literature, music, poetry, science, history, theater, geography and food.